• Date Completed

    April 2019

  • Building Area

    42,000 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $8.4 million

  • Location

    Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Client

    Destiny Of Faith

Back in 2003, a transformative design journey took flight, led by the collaborative efforts of Pastor Kenneth Lazard, with Charles Beazley serving as the esteemed Architect of Record, and guided by Adam Beazley. The project began with the creation of captivating concept images, igniting the fundraising drive for the ambitious church endeavor. Soon after, a meticulous schematic design was crafted, laying the foundation for a visionary capital program. The year 2013 marked the finalization of construction documents, paving the way for a progressive “pay-as-you-go” construction phase. Today, the church stands tall and complete, a testament to the unwavering dedication and foresight of all involved in its creation.

Within the church’s splendid facility, an awe-inspiring 700-seat auditorium takes center stage, providing ample space for the congregation to gather and unite in worship. Thoughtfully integrated church offices cater to the administrative needs, while a warm and inviting fellowship cafe, paired with a well-appointed kitchen, fosters moments of connection and togetherness among members.

An equally significant focus on community impact drove the design of an extensive youth area, reflecting the pastor’s visionary aspiration to initiate positive change from within. This nurturing space becomes a haven for the younger generation, nurturing growth and fostering strong foundations for a promising future.

Through the remarkable collaboration of Pastor Kenneth Lazard, Charles Beazley, and Adam Beazley as the diligent project manager, this transformative endeavor came to fruition. Today, the completed church stands as a beacon of hope and unity, embracing its profound role as a center for spiritual growth and positive transformation within the cherished community it faithfully serves.