• Date Completed

    December 2023

  • Building Area

    14,500 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $5.1 million

  • Location

    Stonewall, Louisiana

  • Client

    Living Word Church

Living Word Church, based in Mansville, LA, entrusted Architects Beazley Moliere, with Adam Beazley serving as the Architect of Record and a partner at the firm, to embark on a significant endeavor: designing a new church in the flourishing community of Stonewall, LA. Faced with space constraints in their existing strip mall location, the church sought a purpose-built campus that would cater to their evolving needs.

Central to the new campus design was a carefully crafted 300-seat Sanctuary, envisioned as the spiritual heart of the congregation. With inclusivity in mind, the Church planned dedicated Children’s and Youth Ministry Areas, thoughtfully catering to a wide range of age groups, from infants to high school students. The church’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment extended to a special needs classroom, ensuring every member felt embraced and valued.

Stepping into the new church, visitors are warmly greeted by a spacious and inviting lobby, strategically positioned between the entrances to the Sanctuary and Children-Youth Check-In Areas. The facility’s layout ingeniously maximizes space, efficiently housing church offices and versatile multi-use areas. Equipped with executive offices and a generously-sized multi-purpose meeting space, the office area conveniently adjoins a service kitchen, fostering seamless interactions during various church activities. Moreover, the office area is thoughtfully designed with direct access to backstage facilities, including the production and green room, effortlessly connecting to the sanctuary platform for smooth coordination during events and services.

The project was completed in December of 2023, Adam Beazley, as the Architect of Record, has played a pivotal role in shaping Living Word Church’s new spiritual home. Through his expertise and leadership, a purposeful and inviting space emerges, embracing the community’s growth and spiritual aspirations in Stonewall, Louisiana.