• Date Completed

    Ph1: July 2009 Ph2: Jan 2007

  • Building Area

    Ph1: 13,200 Sq Ft Ph2: 12,600 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    Ph1: $2.7 million Ph2: $1.7 million

  • Location

    Broussard, Louisiana

  • Client

    Our Savior’s Church

The design journey for Our Savior’s Church commenced in 2000 under the astute leadership of Charles Beazley, my father. With his visionary guidance, the first campus took shape, harmoniously blending a sanctuary, nursery, and church offices. Nestled in the picturesque landscape between St. Martinville and Broussard, Louisiana, the design ingeniously integrated a majestic two-hundred-year-old oak tree, thoughtfully organizing the entrance to the church and education buildings.

Proudly standing as a testament to Charles’ vision, the campus showcased a Worship Center spanning 13,200 square feet, accommodating 900 worshippers, complemented by a 9,360 square foot education and office building. This initial phase marked the inception of a two-part project, envisioning a seamless integration of adult and children’s worship spaces with essential business and administrative offices. Phase one materialized in July 2002, encompassing 22,500 square feet of exquisitely crafted space, achieved at a total cost of $2.7 Million.

Continuing the legacy with unwavering dedication, phase two of the Our Savior’s Church Broussard Campus project came to life—the Student Ministry Center. Completed in January 2007, this 12,600 square foot addition comprised two distinct buildings—a children’s building and a student ministry building. The latter proudly hosted a 290-person auditorium, complemented by an inviting lobby and reception area. Under Charles’ astute stewardship, phase two was successfully accomplished at a cost of $1.7 Million.

Now, embracing the spirit of innovation, progress, and legacy, phase three is led by me, Adam Beazley. This new phase envisions a grand new lobby entrance, gracefully merging the once-separated Education center and Sanctuary spaces. This transformation boasts dynamic elements, including high vaulted ceilings and long span glue-laminated beams, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for both new visitors and regular attendees. Your father’s enduring vision has set the course for this remarkable project, leaving a lasting impact on Our Savior’s Church and the community it serves. Together, Charles and I are driven to bring this vision to fruition, upholding a legacy that enriches the lives of all who grace these sacred halls.