• Date Completed

    February 2009

  • Building Area

    35,400 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $8.7 million

  • Location

    Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Client

    Our Savior’s Church

From 2007 and throughout the entire development process, Adam Beazley played a pivotal role as an integral member of the Architects Beazley Moliere team, working in close collaboration with his father, Charles Beazley, the firm’s president, to bring the Lafayette Campus of Our Savior’s Church to life.

The Lafayette Campus embodies a contemporary design that artfully blends modern worship elements with a sense of sacredness. The primary focus was on creating a space that caters to a dynamic worship experience, complemented by sophisticated audio/video and lighting systems. The addition of mechanical black-out shades further enhances the versatility of the church, enabling elaborate musical and dramatic productions within its confines.

Seating up to 1,000 individuals, the main sanctuary was designed with foresight, allowing for future growth. By incorporating two balconies on either side, the capacity can be expanded to accommodate 1,750 worshippers. Careful planning ensures that the construction of these balconies can be seamlessly integrated, causing minimal disruption to the existing worship area and entrances.

During the initial phase of development, the campus features an array of essential spaces, including Nursery and Children’s Church Facilities, a welcoming Coffee Shop, versatile Multi-Purpose areas, Office Spaces, and, of course, the main sanctuary with its supporting facilities. This comprehensive approach fosters a conducive environment for spiritual growth, fellowship, and a vibrant worship community.

Adam Beazley’s dedication and collaborative efforts, alongside his father Charles Beazley and the entire team at Architects Beazley Moliere, brought about the successful realization of this remarkable project, shaping a worship space that reflects the vision of Our Savior’s Church and serves as a place of inspiration and unity for its congregation.